barry tepperman

barrytepperman.jpgBarry Tepperman | Staff reviewer, Coda Magazine, 1968-1977; contributor to Jazz Forum, Jazz Monthly, Discographical Forum, Pieces of Jazz, and Bells. Co-author (with Vladimir Simosko) of Eric Dolphy: A Musical Biography and Discography (Smithsonian, 1974). He left the music scene in 1978 to pursue medical career.

Born, raised, educated in Toronto (Canada), he currently works and resides in South Bend, IN. Occasional woodwind player (clarinets and saxophones). Medical practice in radiation oncology; MBA in Health Administration; study and teach medical ethics. Skilled in education, counseling, and advocating for patients, families, and care givers – strong orientation toward palliative care and end-of-life issues

He writes: “Being the grandson of an early union organizer, social activism replaced religion in my family of birth – have been life long activist. Current advocacies – single payer health care, torture, genocide, peace. Jewish by birth. Unitarian Universalist by choice. Strong spiritual drive to advocacy activities. Member, Physicians for a National Health Program. Host of Radio “Spirit Progress Radio” on progressive spirituality and social justice. In discernment process toward leaving medicine and entering seminary to become UU minister – target date fall 2008.”

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Dr. Barry Steven Tepperman passed away earlier this month. ( May 2007 ) Before his long career as an oncologist, he was a Dolphyologist and frequent contributor to Coda (“Canada’s Jazz Magazine”), and was the by-default Toronto Correspondent for Henry Kuntz’s great zine Bells — I had been reading his 1976 Bells piece on a noir-barian invasion of the staid, old-school Toronto “new music” scene, when I wondered what he’d been writing lately. An obit was in the Google results.