jack cooke

JACK COOKE: Born 1931 Leeds, Yorkshire England. Began listening to jazz during World War 2 via broadcasts on AFN, etc. Used to be a drummer, percussionist in 1950s but gave up “as I realised I’d never be Max Roach“.

Followed the old adage: if you can’t be it, write about it: “I did – endlessly – for 15 years”. Left a non-job in print industry 1976 for fun, time,  socialwork – which is when writing ceased. Completed masters degree Sociology September 1982.

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  1. HI :I was hoiping you could forward this to Jack Cooke –I am hopign because of his status as a jazz writer he would be iwlling to do a blurb for my forthcoming biography of Albert Ayler. . Well, I have a publisher (Jawbone Press of London) –anyway if he would be willing to do a blurb –let me know and I can send him the draft I submitted to them
    Thanks richard

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